The Tooth

The Tooth is a hard calcified structure found in our mouth , anchored in the upper jaw and the ones anchored in the lower jaw (also called mandible).

What we normally see when we smile is called Crown , the ones we don’t see is called the Root  which is inside the jaw.

The following are the parts of a tooth:

ENAMEL – outermost covering of the tooth, hardest tissue part of the human body

DENTIN – inner part of the tooth next to the ENAMEL from the outside, hard tissue

PULP  – innermost part of the tooth, it has blood vessels and nerves, provides nutrition and sensitivity to the tooth

CEMENTUM –  hard tissue that covers the root of the tooth

PERIODONTAL LIGAMENTS – these are collagen fibers and attach the teeth to the bone and gingival tissues

GUMS –soft tissue that ideally surrounds  the root of the teeth

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