Tips: Instructions to Patients Prior Appointment

MyDentalZone implements new clinic protocols as recommended by Philippines Dental Association. Please take note of the following Instructions prior your Appointment:

  • Observe Social Distancing
  • Always wear mask. You may Remove it  only when instructed by Clinic Personnel
  • Wear closed shoes
  • Wear comfortable clothes.
  • The Attending Dentist will focus on planned procedures. Modifications may be done as needed with Patient’s Consent.
  • No Cellphone or other personal stuff is allowed inside the Operatory Area.
  • No companion is allowed in the waiting area  (except for minors, pwd, or seniors if needed)
  • There will be an Additional Infection Control Fee per Patient per Session
  • For more Questions about the procedure or medications  please request for a teleconsultation
  • You May Arrange payment Methods prior Appointment.
  • Please come on time.