How To Plan Your Trip To The Dentist

During the Covid-19 Pandemic it is important to note that we limit our Dental Visits to emergency or urgent Cases. Remember that the Goal is always to reduce Face to face exposure. But if you must go, hope this guide might be of great help.

  • Assess the Situation. Does your tooth/teeth concern affects speaking or eating? If you feel that the contemplated dental procedure can wait then it is probably safe to do phone consult first before booking an appointment. (Always Seek professional help.
  • CHOOSE a COMPETENT DENTIST with a Covid -Free Clinic. Research about His/Her practice or ask the dentist about current Dental protocols and guidelines in the clinic.
  • Book an Appointment. Be prepared to fill out a Covid19 Pre-Screening form. (NOTE: The dentist will conduct a Pre-Evaluation/assessment prior confirmation of appointment.)
  • Clinic Protocols and Fees will be discussed prior your Visit so it is best to prepare the exact amount or request for online cash transfer methods.
  • If this is your First Visit, Prepare to Provide an Honest Medical and Dental History. Prepare the list of medications and dosage you were taking Prior Consult.
  • Wait for confirmation of appointment and take note of the exact time and date.
  • Prepare a list of all your questions and concerns. this will save a lot of time.
  • Brush and Floss your Teeth Before your appointment. If you are wearing removable dentures or appliance, make sure that these are clean, free from any food debris.
  • Come on Time  or few Minutes earlier than your Appointment Schedule
  • In the Clinic, always follow strict Dental protocols and instructions given by the Clinic representative or the Dentist himself
  • After the Dental procedure, make sure to get post operative instructions and request for recall schedule ahead of time.
  • SMILE !!!

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