Dental Implants

In simplest terms, Dental Implants are screw-type structures (mimics the shape and function of the root of the tooth), which may be wide(conventional implants) or narrow (mini-implants), may be made of titanium or Zircon. These are placed in the jaw to replace a tooth or teeth or to provide retention to removable dentures.  Implants may also be classified as two-stage implants or one-stage implants.

In 2 stage implants, the implants are placed in the jaw and the gums are sewn up again where no implant is visible.  After 4-6 weeks, when the bone is fully grown around the implants, the second appointment with the dental surgeon is scheduled.  The surgeon will then do a minor surgery to expose the top of the implants and connect the abutment. When this is done, the prosthodontic works, like placement of crown or bridge, shall commence.

With one stage implants, there is no need for a second appointment for minor surgery. The implants will be placed in the jaw on the first appointment with the top of the implants extending over the bone part visible. After the healing period of few weeks when the bone is fully grown, the prosthodontic works shall begin.

It is best to consult your implantologist if you are a good candidate for dental implants and all procedures will be explained to you