Caries in Children

Regulating the diet of children  can be both challenging and rewarding. It prevents tooth decay and consequently reducing toothaches and problems in chewing. Children with no dental caries or with minimal caries will have less fear in visiting dentists. We all know that regular visit to dentists will prevent us from having dental problems. Thus, when these kids  become adults there is a better chance that they will pass on to their children the same degree of concern regarding dental health. It is important that you include calcium enrich food in a child’s  diet. Milk and cheese are good examples. Sugar may increase the acid level in the mouth. It is important that an early age children are conscious about eating less sugary food. Not to mention that other diseases may also be prevented aside from dental caries. We all know that children are prone to eating too much sweet and sometimes we just cant control  it especially when kids are not at home.